We Build

We Manage

You Create

It’s never been that easy to be independant…

Sell your art under your domain name

You work hard for your art and we know it. We are here for you and that’s why we are offering the possibility for artists to sell under their own domain name (yourname.com) without having to manage all production and the shipping.

We build your page

We know you already spend enough of your free time into your art. That’s why Monteralo is offering you the possibility to have exactly the same website as us for a low cost. Other websites model are available for an extra fees.

We manage everything

You will not have to worry about hiring employees, building products, preparing the product for shipment, shipment and services after-sales. All you need to do is relax, create and receive money into your bank account.

How much can you make from every sale?

The revenue we are offering to our artists program is turning around 30% for each sales on all products. Which is pretty good for someone who is responsible only for the marketing of its website.